The Calling

1:08 PM

Why GraceLeads?

Because He called me to it.

Have you ever had that distinct GUT feeling that keeps prompting you to action? Everything seems to back it up...the sermon, the song, the message you hear, a text from a friend. That's why GraceLeads was started.

I am just like you. As a busy wife, mom and woman running a business from home, the last thing I WANTED to do was add another thing to my plate. To be honest, I felt and feel inadequate and scared. But I have found myself here before, standing on the edge of something unknown, only knowing that with all certainty that He is calling me to it.

I kept mulling it over, talking it out, praying and waiting. But at the end of the day I could hear that prompting, some say gut, I say Holy Spirit. There just isn't a lot of Christian community built for the working woman. There are groups for moms, for homeschoolers, for wives and for missions but what about us who find our "mission field" amongst the working mama's struggling to keep up with the school assignments, the birthday parties, the business calls, emails, taxes and dinner. I know you are there, I have hundreds of friends who find themselves in this group...a woman after Gods own heart, seeking to have fullness in marriage, not totally screw up our children, remember to say the bedtime prayers and snuggle just a little longer when we have a million things on our to-do list.

Where is our bucket filled? Where can you go and find someone who says, I get it. Who can you ask for prayer about things in your work or your business? Who understands what its like to juggle a baby on your hip, a team, a task, and get dinner on the table at the same time. That is why GraceLeads was started. GRACE....that is the very essence of what keeps me going each day. Despite the pace, the parenting and the people, HIS grace is enough.

Without Him, I am weak. Remember that good old saying, He doesn't call the equipped, He equips the Called. That is what a sweet friend reminded me of when I told her I felt inadequate. I am not equipped but He is calling. I am not enough, but HE is. I don't have all the answers but I have a keyboard and a phone, social media and a heart that pounds with the knowledge that my sisters in Christ need to be reminded. We are all inadequate. None of us have it all together. We are weak...but HIS POWER is made PERFECT in our weaknesses. His POWER is spoken through our vulnerability. And the enemy  is defeated when we open our mouths and share in authentic community. So welcome to Grace Leads, may you be encouraged as we celebrate the grace and grit it takes to dedicate yourself to living FULLY in relationship with Christ, to your family and to your WORK. May we GLORIFY Him in ALL that we do. May we let Grace Lead.

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