When we are honest...

4:56 PM

Have you heard the new song by Francesca Battistelli? If We're Honest is one of my favorites and here are a few of my favorite lyrics.

Truth is harder than a lie
The dark seems safer than the light
And everyone has a heart that loves to hide
I'm a mess and so are you
We've built walls nobody can get through
Yeah, it may be hard, but the best thing we could ever do, ever do

Bring your brokenness, and I'll bring mine
'Cause love can heal what hurt divides
And mercy's waiting on the other side
If we're honest
If we're honest

This really spoke to me in correlation with todays Scripture that was posted on the GraceLeads facebook page. As women we are often taught to hold ourselves to this impossible standard of perfection...we hold ourselves to a standard we would never hold a girlfriend to. Next time you are beating yourself up remind yourself that GOD's POWER is made PERFECT in our weaknesses. When we acknowledge our weaknesses HE can show up and SHOW OFF. Our testimony is most powerful when we're honest.

When we put on the mask of perfection and we close ourselves off from being authentic and vulnerable we only allow ourselves to shine. When we open our mouths and hearts and we share our messy, ugly, imperfections we show others that they are not alone. If we all walk around each day in a mask that covers our own mess then we all feel isolated and alone. We all miss out on the beauty of His grace that covers up all that messy hard STUFF!

Listen, your mess is my mess. I push Publish and then lose my temper and patience with my kids too. I didn't start GraceLeads to show you how much I have it all together but to put my arms around my girlfriends and say, I get it, I understand. You are not alone. My heart, head and home are messy too. But God's GRACE covers all of that. He covers the hard days, the exhaustion, the plate that is too full, HE can bridge the gap for us, if we ask Him.

Lay down your mess at his feet today and know that you are not alone. You are surrounded by Grace girlfriends who get it. His Grace is SUFFICIENT for YOU. Not for everyone BUT you. His POWER is made PERFECT in YOUR weaknesses. Therefore, let US BOAST all the more GLADLY about our weaknesses, so that ALL of Christ's POWER will rest on us.

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